How Digital Technology Is Transforming Broadcast Media?

by pankaj

Gone are the days when broadcasting was restricted to only television, newspapers, magazines, and radio. Today, the way we consume digital content has changed a lot. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the consumption of media via advanced digital technology. The rise of digital technology plays a crucial role in advancing the existing media industry. 

Today, when we talk about broadcast media, we mean internet media, television, radio OTT platforms. Interestingly, the industry is actively adopting cloud technologies to augment business models to fulfill the present-day demand-supply chain. 

According to Statista’s report, the number of OTT users is expected to grow to 2,923.6 million by the year 2025. Technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, and Virtual reality are analyzing the way broadcast media are communicating information.

Artificial Intelligence

As we humans are becoming tech-savvy in this internet era, broadcast and media technology service providers are intending to leverage cutting-edge technology to automate the work process. AI is all set to assist journalists in analyzing data and finding trends from multiple informative sources. Even some AI tools such as News Tracers and Newswhip can easily track the latest trends on social platforms, and ease content production. 

For instance – the OTT platform Netflix with the integration AI recommends content to the viewers. This helps streamlining and automating the workflows. Implementing the AI will definitely help in offering targeted recommendations and deliver better user-experience. 

Augmented Reality Graphics (AR-GFX)

Augmented reality graphics is one of the latest trends ongoing in broadcast media. Media broadcasters are focused on creating a virtual environment where virtual objects appear as if they are in the workplace. 

Television broadcasters now use AR-based real-time broadcast solutions that allow more creative workflow. Some of the advantages of AR-GFX are – minimal production cost, use of AR graphics eliminates lighting set-up, enhancement in presenting stories creatively, facilitates visual engagement, and of course better experience for the audience.

Virtual Cloud Technology 

Cloud services like Amazon web services, and Microsoft Azure are imparting both private and public types of cloud services. Wifi and data services are allowing radio users allowing audiences to hear on mobile devices and smart speakers without any hassle. Additionally, mass media conglomerates are shifting to cloud platforms to have a coherent experience while creating and sharing content. 

Over-the-Top Technology 

The broadcast media industry is seeing an innovative change since the introduction of OTT platforms a few years back. With superb picture quality, time-to-air provision, and making content reachable to audiences seamlessly, OTT is a boon today to the broadcast media. 

To access OTT content, there only needs an internet connection and a smartphone device. Once the OTT app is downloaded, it’s super easy to consume your favorite audio or video. 

The NextGen TV – ATSC 3.0 Technology

ATSC is a next generation technology for broadcasting that helps specify how television signals are transmitted and interpreted.  This NextGen ATSC technology is an update over the OTA – over the air system. 

Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy televised content not only on traditional televisions but also on various portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even in vehicles. Leading brands like Sony and Samsung have already embraced the innovative ATS-3.0 model in the television industry for Android compatible devices. Exciting developments in this technology are emerging from OKLAHOMA CITY (OKC) in the United States, where five TV stations have recently announced their adoption of ATS-3.0 technology for enhanced broadcasting capabilities.


Digital technologies are accomplishing our ever-growing requirement for quality content and broadcast media. As technology and digital media are emerging at a rapid pace, it’s time for the media houses to implement emerging trends to get business benefits. 

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