How Has the Music Industry Evolved Over the Years?

by pankaj

Those who are obsessed with listening to music, we all know the music industry has dramatically transformed in a whole new way over the last decade. Gone are the days when we used to visit shops to buy a physical copy of our favorite singer. 

The music industry has evolved with tremendous changes since 2011 due to the advancement in technology in the music industry. 

A decade later, CDs, DVDs, iPOD, music players were the medium of music entertainment. Now, all these have been wiped out of the market. Online music streaming is the new way we are experiencing with fantastic digital sound technology. 

The emergence of digital technology, advanced digital instruments, digital softwares, and social platforms has changed the way of music creation and augmented the listening experience as well. 

This blog discusses how the music industry has evolved over the last decade, have a look. 

The Emergence of Technology 

The term technology itself is a boon to transform the music industry. Introduction of social media platforms like youtube, and music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Epidemic has completely replaced the previous physical music listening devices.  Previously, an artist’s career was entirely dependent on record labels. The music creator was totally dependent on record labels to create and release music. But, with the introduction of streaming websites, music consumers can access music on a single tap in their smartphones. 

No Sheet Music

With the emergence of technology, reading and playing music has also changed. Musicians today do not have to procure volumes of sheet music to play pieces of music. Artists now can easily get the music lessons online when they want to play music. Youtube has become a helpful platform with thousands of tutorials to guide on music teachings. Moreover, it’s now super easy to get access to lyrics online by Googling the song. 

Live Performances 

Live performances have been an important part of the music industry. Artists plan tours to play live music to gain popularity, connect with audiences, and build lasting fanbase. However, in recent times, live performances have taken a new shift. Due to the advance technology, musicians now share their music through platforms like youtube, Amazon, and Spotify. Artists now have a broader fanbase through the digital stage, and can effectively connect with their audience via social platforms. 

Use of Record Label 

Over the past years, record labels have seen a remarkable change. With the emergence of streaming services and digital download facility, music is now accessible on the go. Artists are no longer dependent on record labels to distribute their music. Social media platforms have already created a direct link between music artists and their fans which is cutting off the requirement of record labels. 

International Artists Becoming Popular 

Gone are the days when only English language music was the most heard among the people. Because of streaming apps, more and more international music artists and bands are becoming popular and creating their fanbase globally. Blackpink and K-pop have created an enormous fan base. 

In Final Words

The music industry has transformed a lot over the last decade, and this transformation has had an immense impact on the industry’s success. With the emergence of technology, the music industry will continue to expand and allow young artists to perform. We are super crazy to experience many more technological impacts in the music industry. 

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