5 Jobs ChatGPT Might Replace in the Future

by pankaj

As technology is getting advanced, it has given rise to artificial intelligence as well. Artificial intelligence is transforming almost every industry and brings exciting opportunities along with improved efficiency and accuracy in the work operations. Since the launch of AI-powered tool ChatGPT tools, it is being considered for performing various tasks such as technical writing, story telling, emails, blogs, writing and debugging software code, and many other things. The chatbot is so powerful that it can create the feeded query within seconds, and many industries have started using the tool. 

With the rise of ChatGPT and other similar AI tools, there are specific jobs that are at risk. While that doesn;t mean that it will replace us humans, there is an indication that much of the tasks under these jobs are being overtaken by AI. We have compiled a list of jobs having a probability of being replaced by AI in the near future.


While you would think that a mathematician’s job is safe, you might be thinking right, in fact their job is at risk. Maths has always been a subject where folks face challenges in solving complex problems. And there comes the ChapGPT – an advanced AI system that is capable of solving complicated math problems. The tool is super intelligent to provide step-by-step solutions along with the concept behind it.The technology can be greatly helpful in solving the challenging tasks in the subject and can act as an efficient and productive tool to perform the problem solution in the subject. 

Instant Replay Technology

Instant replay has been a major part of sports. Without replay, the level of excitement will not be immense. There was a time when instant replay did not exist in the game. With today’s replay technology, there is accuracy in what’s happening in the sports and referees too are able to keep the game biased. 

Poets, Lyricists, and Creative Writers

One of the most common aspects that we humans deal with is writing. Be it content writing, poetry writing, lyrics, or anything else; AI is the new creative assistant. Take it as a good news or sad one, but AI is super efficient to do all your writing related tasks. This evolution in AI is risking jobs in creative fields. AI, in general, has the potential of undertaking vast amounts of creative tasks. Whether you need small paragraphs, or long form of storytelling content, ChatGPT requires minimal input when it comes to generating the lucrative content.  

Website Designers 

When it comes to web designing we all know the web designers put their best with detailed coding workflow to design a website. This also includes mindful web development. Unfortunately, the designer’s job is also under risk due to the emergence of AI like ChatGPT and Google Bard. With platforms like Wix: website builder, chatbots have started to come up to take over the  coding related jobs. With a platform like WIX, it has made it possible to create quality websites with no code requirement. So, if somebody does not even know how to code, it is possible for them to build a creative website. Instead of using templates, web developers are now accessing ChatGPT which can write complete website code in multiple programming languages. So, considering ChatGPT to build a website can fulfill the requirements without much hassles. 

News Analysts, and Reporters

Sport video games are the new craze among people, thanks to technology. The advancement in motion capture, virtual reality, graphics have contributed to deliver amazing gaming experiences. For the gamers its like they are on field, playing their desired sport. Due to the technology, the level of realism is breathtaking, providing fantastic detailing in the sport. From jerseys to playgrounds to jerseys, everything feels like a real thing. It’s truly fantastic to see that technology has enhanced the level of sport video games, and made them more engaging and entertaining. Whether you love to play soccer, cricket, basketball, or football, there are digital sports out there to make your day stimulating. So, experience  your desired sports virtually. 

Legal Assistants 

Legal assistants can be provided by AI. ChatGPT can be useful in courts. There are instances where an AI-powered model is used to perform a case in court, but yes, after being fed legal information. So, we can imagine the future of law on the basis of AI. If people are not capable of spending money to provide lawyers, Chatbots can be used for assistance. Additionally, legal forms and documents including Non disclosure agreements, lease agreements can be easily drafted by a bot. At present, there are a few instances where AI is being used in law, but we can understand that enhancement in technology can create more advanced forms of legal assistants in near future. 

In Final Words

Well, these are a few examples of how AI tools are being integrated into various workfields. Many experts and professionals expect chatbots to continue growing in almost every industry. In future, AI and ML will continue to evolve, offering new capabilities to chatbots. 

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